Python Programs

  1. Simple Programs
  2. Program using Conditional Statements
  3. Program using Iteration
  4. Programs on String Manipulation
  5. Programs on List Manipulation
  6. Program using Tuple
  7. Programs Using Pandas
  8. Recursive Functions
  10. LIST COMPREHENSION …….by Namita Ranjan, PGT CS
  11. File Handling
  12. Classes & Objects

Video Links for Programs

  1. Program to find Greatest Between two Numbers
  2. Program to find Greatest among Three Numbers
  3. To Print first 10 Natural Numbers
  4. .Python Program to calculate Area and Circumference of Circle if Radius is given I
  5. Program to print N multiples of given number | to print multiplication table of a given number
  6. To find sale price of an item with given cost and discount (%)
  7. Program To print the words starting with a particular alphabet in a user entered string  
  8. Python program to print number of occurrence of a given alphabet in a given string  
  9. Python Program to Create a dictionary to store names of states and their capitals (2 Methods)   
  10. Python Program to Create a dictionary of students to store names and marks obtained in 5 subjects  
  11.  Python Program to Calculate Sum of the following Series X+X2+X3+X4+————Xn
  12.  Python Program Program to Calcuate 1/x + 1/x^2 +1/x^3 + ……………..1/x^n
  13. Python program to find factorial using while loop | using for loop
  14. (2 Methods ) Program to Calculate Sum of Digits of a given number By Sangeeta M Chauhan